[Conteaching] Re: Introductions

Isaac Penzev isaacp at ukr.net
Thu Mar 8 21:44:54 CET 2007

Ok, I'll say a few words about myself too.

I am Isaac (Igor) Penzev from Kiev, Ukraine. I was bit by the conlanging
flee yet in my schooldays, to say exactly, in 1979. Several times I tried to
quit it, but failed. I've been a member of CONLANG list since Dec 2000.
I have a university diploma (old Soviet equivalent of M.A.) in Romance &
Germanic Philology (major in the History of English). My teaching experience
(since 1993) includes English, Theory and Practice of Translation and
Interpreting, Hebrew, NT Greek, Judaica on high school and college/seminary
A couple of years ago I tried to arrange a Language Construction class on
students' demand as a free private initiative. We met twice, learnt some
basics of phonology, then it stopped because they had too much lessons even
without conlanging. Nevertheless, I am interested to learn other people's
experience and discuss the matter for possible future perspectives.

Friendly yours,
-- Yitzik

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