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MJ Hardman hardman at ufl.edu
Fri Mar 9 14:23:11 CET 2007

Harriet Oppenheimer has written a textbook for Linguistic Anthropology that
comes with a workbook & a website.  One of the running assignments is
exactly what you described that you were doing in your class.  Apparently
she has been doing exactly that for years and has it quite polished.  I
haven't yet used her text, but I do like what I see.

On 3/8/07 2:55 PM, "Sheri Wells Jensen" <swellsj at bgnet.bgsu.edu> wrote:

> At some point, I could  post the set of assignments I've been using; I'd
> love to see another set of similar assignments from which I could happily
> steal! :)

And now to introduce myself.  I am MJ Hardman, anthropological linguist (or
linguistic anthropologist) teaching at the University of Florida.  My
primary research area is the Jaqi languages of the Andes of South America
(more at my website http://grove.ufl.edu/~hardman/).  I was already a full
professor when I discovered SF, through, oddly, the Quechua in the bar scene
in Star Wars.  I have, since, discovered that SF can be used to good effect
in Language and Culture/Gender/Violence courses, using the novelist's art to
help students imagine living in a different language/culture.  I also,
occasionally, teach Linguistics and SF.  One of the students one year in
L&SF invented her own language -- quite an experience, for both of us.  I am
currently supervising an honors thesis that consists of the invention of a
new language.  One of my colleagues is planning to do as you did, Sheri, but
I think she is part of this list & will introduce herself.

Another of my students did a couple of papers analyzing the grammar of
conlangs, Láadan, Kesh and the language of Maerlande, one of which she
presented at Wiscon. :-)  In L and Violence we do take a very close look at
Kesh; in L & Gender we read the Láadan grammar.  One of the things that
fascinates me is the grammatical categories of conlangs.

Dr. MJ Hardman
website:  http://grove.ufl.edu/~hardman/

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