[Conteaching] Introductions

Krista Casada kcasada at uark.edu
Fri Mar 9 20:42:14 CET 2007

My name is Krista Casada. Up until yesterday, I was convinced I was a PhD student in comparative literature at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville; yesterday the grad school computer discovered that, despite having done five chapters on a dissertation involving medieval Hispano-Arab garden imagery, and having passed my comprehensive exams in 2004, I had never actually been officially accepted as a PhD candidate. I am currently considering moving to Nebraska and pursuing an alternate career in juggling. :-)

Back when the university computers liked me, I earned Master's degrees in Spanish and literary translation, and also managed to snag an almost-accidental minor in anthropology, which involved both linguistics and Native American culture.

My teaching career as a grad student involved Spanish and basic and remedial English composition, and was distinguished by my persuading one student to major in Spanish and a couple of others to petition the University to have their less-than-stellar grades revoked based on teacher incompetence. I have tutored students in grade-school subjects, and college-level English, Spanish, and Arabic. 

I currently work in our university library, where my job involves asking nice people all over the world (occasionally in Spanish or Portuguese) to please send us the various journals they have promised to send, also ocassionally deciphering mysterious magazine covers, websites, or subscription notices in Arabic, Italian, or German. I'm also a freelance interpreter and translator. 

As a teacher I consulted with my university's office of campus access, as it was then called, on the possibility of developing alternative language classes for students with learning difficulties, but the project was scrapped before it could really get anywhere, I suspect for lack of funding. I'm interested in the language-learning needs of adult students dealing with physical or learning difficulties, or with the challenges posed by illiteracy.

I will probably be an official PhD candidate again by tomorrow. Hope springs eternal, and all that. :-D


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