[Conteaching] [LCC] Language Creation Conference 2 - the schedule!

Sai Emrys sai at saizai.com
Sat May 19 04:43:03 CEST 2007

The lineup for the Second Language Creation Conference has been set!
This year's lineup has a fantastic series of hour-length
talks--including one by David Salo, the linguist who worked out the
Tolkienian dialog in the Lord of the Rings movies--and a new series of
short, conlang-specific talks that allows conlangers to talk about
their own languages, and the engineering and artistry that went into
creating them.  Additionally, there will be several panel discussions,
and a live unveiling of the conlang relay done by conference attendees
the month prior.

If you haven't yet registered for LCC2, register now, using the link below:


We're looking forward to seeing everyone there.  Come meet your peers,
your friends, and your fellow conlangers for food, fun, and games!

The current schedule is posted below.  If you have any questions,
contact Sai Emrys (saizai at conlang.com), or David Peterson
(peterson.dj at gmail.com).


July 6
Meetup at Sather Gate / guided tour around UC Berkeley & area - 1:30pm
Dinner at Long Life Vegi House - 5pm

July 7
Opening - 8am
Morning - 9am
David Salo - Giving Historical Depth to Language Construction
John Quijada - Language Personalities: How the Interplay of Phonology,
Phonotactics and Morpho-phonology Creates a Linguistic Aesthetic
Lila Sadkin - Tenata: Dissolving Lexical Categories
Jim Henry - Glossotechnia

-Lunch / (Language Game) Glossotechnia - 1pm

Afternoon - 1:45pm
David J. Peterson - The Evolution of Sidaan
Donald Boozer - Drushek: The Sound of No Voice Speaking
(Workshop) Conlanging 101: Intro & Advanced Vocabulary Generation
(Panel) Applications of Language Creation in Pedagogy
Time for any followup questions of anyone not yet asked

Close - 5pm

Dinner off campus - 6pm

July 8
Opening - 8am
Morning - 9am
Jeff Burke - Reverse engineering of phonological change
John Clifford - The Problems with Success: What happens when an
opinionated conlang meets its speakers
Sylvia Sotomayor - Verblessness in Kelen
Gabriel Koulikov - The Linguistic Reinforcement of Worldview:
Lexical/phonological structure and grammatical paradigms in Baseline
James Gang - My Right-Brain Verbotomy: How creating invented words
changed the way I think

-Lunch / (Language Game) Verbotomy - 1pm

Afternoon - 1:45pm
(Panel) Conlang Relay
Time for any followup questions of anyone not yet asked
(Panel) Incorporating Conlangs into Your Life

Close - 5pm

Dinner off campus - 6pm

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