[Conteaching] [LCC] 3rd Language Creation Conference - Call for Papers

Sai Emrys sai at saizai.com
Tue Oct 23 21:59:31 CEST 2007

See the <http://conlangs.berkeley.edu> home page for the most
up-to-date details, or the copy below.

Please (re)distribute this email widely, and especially, please
forward it to people or groups whom you would like to see present.

 Sai Emrys
 President, Language Creation Society

3rd Language Creation Conference - Call for Papers:

We are currently accepting proposals for talks. Please email a title,
abstract, bio, any relevant links, range of places and dates you would
be able to attend, and a description of any support needed (from
sponsorship to technology), to <lcs at conlang.org>. If you have more
than one idea, send them all.

Submissions do not need to be 100% formal or set in stone. All
submissions must be related to language creation to be considered, but
beyond that we encourage a very wide range of formats and topics -
including technical papers on (regular/socio-/inter-/etc-)linguistics,
research papers involving created languages or language acquisition
(such as in cognitive science and developmental or cognitive
linguistics), theoretical innovations or philosophical considerations
of the craft, reviews of certain kinds of conlangs, presentations of
conlang-related art, small presentations or posters about the
particularly delightful features of your latest work in progress,
conlang-related games and humor, etc.

Workshops are typically limited to a maximum of 2 hours, full talks to
1 hour (including Q&A), and talks that discuss a particular conlang
(but do not address some larger issue relevant to the craft itself) to
15 minutes. More or less time may be allotted depending on
organizational needs.

We treat submissions about artlangs, auxlangs, engelangs, loglangs,
etc., all equally; it is our goal to provide a forum that unites and
is relevant to the entire conlanging community.

We will consider presentations given via teleconferencing, though we
can't guarantee that the technology will be available. If this
interests you, please submit a proposal.

We would rather hear your submission than not, and we would rather
hear it sooner than later.

Please note that the time and place of LCC3 is still tentative - let
us know where and when you could make it, no matter what that is. If
anything, we will keep your proposal in consideration for LCC4. We are
considering locations throughout the world, but particularly the east
and west coast United States, and western Europe.

Unsure of what to speak about, or whether your talk is appropriate?
You can view all the talks from LCC1 on video.google.com, and view the
program and schedule of both LCC1 and LCC2 on our website. For
informaton, visit <http://conlangs.berkeley.edu>. Please note that we
are seeking to diversify our program, so if in doubt, send it in, and
we will work with you to tune your proposal to our audience.

If you have any questions about giving a presentation or a workshop at
this or any future LCC, please contact us at <lcs at conlang.org>.

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